Chickens Childbirth

Hens in Sri Lanka have children and do not lay eggs and incubate as usual and then the eggs hatch. Chicken owners who live in the mountains of Sri Lanka, Ranjith Ekanayake said that out of six chickens, one of which the tail is not incubate the eggs. Ekanayake then surprised when the chickens were issued in the form of a child without the egg intact. Chicks that grow up healthy but the mother died.

Sri Lankan government farm officials said he had never heard of anything like that before. Local newspapers published pictures of the ranch officials were checking hen manure. He said the developing eggs in the hen’s reproductive system.

In the reproductive system of hens, the eggs have an incubation for 21 days and hatch before exiting from its parent. But the hens died of internal bleeding. The Daily Mirror, Sri Lanka, the headline says, “chicken out first, instead of eggs.

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