Perfect face

As to whether the most perfect face? The face of the celebrity world may be the easiest example. However, in England, a girl may be happy to get the title as the owner of the most perfect face in the UK.

As reported by the site Dailymail, Florence Colgate mentioned having the most perfect face. This is because the face ssuai with international blueprint about the most perfect face. He meets the optimal ratio between the eyes, mouth, forehead, and chin. Proportion of his face was mentioned most fitting.

Florence predicate is obtained after defeating about 8,000 people interested in similar won. The contestants are tested her without any makeup, and they were forbidden to perform plastic surgery or to inject chemicals whatsoever.

Florence’s face is also said to be very close to perfect symmetry. Shania Twain, Liz Hurley, and Jessica Alba is the celebrity world as well have called the most perfectly symmetrical face.

A predicate that, of Florence saaja happy. Everyday he admitted only wear simple makeup. ” Women should not have to wear makeup every day. I myself was happy with my appearance without plastic surgery or Botox,” he said.


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