How To Take Subway

Take a walk in the country that has a qualified transportation system, the right to use the subway, commonly referred to as metro or subway or MRT. Why, mode of transportation is easy, cheap, fast and relatively safe. 

Unfortunately there is no subway in our country, so many are confused how to menumpangnya. Here it is:

Choosing a path

Subway line information is available at strategic places and is easily seen in every station. Pathways are depicted in a map with different colors and numbers for each department.Station stops and transit stations (meeting point of two lines or more) are marked with names, numbers and colors on track. 

Know the name of the subway station where you are, then find out the name of the destination station. Look at the subway map and trace its path by color. When different colors, meaning you have to change trains at the crossing station. 

As an illustration, if you wish to Singapore Bugis Changi Airport, you just choose the green path without the need to move again. But if from Changi want to Clarke Quay, then take the green line and get off at City Hall to move the red line in the direction of Jurong, then down at Dhoby Ghaut majors purple lanes Harbour Front, down at Clarke Quay


One-way tickets are sold through vending machines like ATM machines. The officer serves the ticket counter is usually only subscription, exchange and public information. Can also buy a ticket subscriptions that there are various kind, daily, weekly, monthly, based on the distance, the amount of money and so on. 

If you live in a town not too long, it’s better to use one-way ticket. If you are interested in buying a ticket subscriptions, first calculate how often is it used. 

Before making a purchase through an automatic machine, read the first rule of life. When the machine is a local language, find the “English”. Notice how the currency denomination that could be used, until the amount of money how the machine can give the return and how many tickets can be purchased in one transaction. 

At the station

Once a ticket is usually a card, the ticket was used as a “key” opener automatic bar by touching it or put it into a small gap at the edge of the crossbar. 

When you are on the platform, you will stand in the middle of the track (rail on the left and right) with the same line. How to choose a train: the train reading the directions next station name or station name terujungnya, which will pass through the station you want to go. 

Note the train etiquette generally accepted as not standing in line outside of the train, putting people out of the train, and so forth. The train will indicate when to close the automatic door, so no need to scramble and push-push. 

In the train

Ethics is applicable internationally. Give your seat to the elderly, the disabled, pregnant women, people who bring small children and women. There are chairs or carriages which have a special section dedicated to this class. 

In the train station through which information is delivered through our lines on the door. Each station is marked with colored lights that light up or flash when the train to and stop at the station concerned. In addition, there is also an announcement through loudspeakers and electronic text on the screen moves. 

Cashing the ticket

If you are using one-way ticket electronic card-shaped, usually there is a ticket exchange facility used by a sum of money. Exchange can be done in the same automatic machine with machine purchase tickets. 

For example, in Singapore’s second-hand tickets priced S $ 1 and exchange of used tickets you can do immediately after use or days later.


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