Shower or Bath

Some of the tips mentioned, bath shower more efficient use of water than a bath with tub and scoop. Myth or fact?

The best answer is “it depends,” ie depending on the time you need to take a bath with shower. The bath with tub, economical or not depends on the amount of water in the tub.

Based on studies conducted Aquacraft, the average shower poured 7.6 liters of water per minute. Aquacraft found that the average time it takes people to a shower is 8.88 minutes. That is, the amount of water used for bathing once about 67.5 liters.

For the dryer, the same study showed that the size and amount of water in the tub affect water use. When the tub only half filled, people spend about 75 liters of water. When the tub filled, one could spend 150-200 liters.

Meanwhile, according to a separate study, the Consumer Energy Center reports that one bathroom with tub, one uses 100-200 liters of water. Meanwhile, when a bath with shower for 8 minutes, using 150 liters of water. With a shower that has a usage settings, only 75 liters of water used.

That the results of the study. Most people in Indonesia are still using the bath, although the trend started to increase the use of showers. Whatever the “style” bath you use, here are some tips.

  1. Use a small bucket in the bath with tub.
  2. Reduce the time you spend on a shower.
  3. If you use the shower, use a shower head that has a water barrier.
  4. Remember this: saving water means saving money.
  5. Share these tips to others.
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