How to Learn Foreign Languages ​​Fast

A scientific study ever undertaken of applied linguistics specialist scientist, Dr. Paul Pimsleur Ph.D., revealed that the human brain’s ability to master a foreign language was incredible. Pimsleur presents the human brain was able to master 10 languages of the world in quick time.

Pimsleur revealed that the human brain have special channels that can learn any new vocabulary. Even from a variety of languages that he never knew. However, according to Pimsleur, so far almost all human brains have not turned the linguistic channel.

U.S. Federal Bureau of Intelligence (FBI) and U.S. National Security Agency has been using the Pimsleur approach this. Pimsleur has devoted his entire life to studying the psychology of language acquisition and understanding of world languages.

Pimsleur learning method revealed little effective communication. According to him, the mastery of any language that effectively locked in mastering the core vocabulary is used consistently. Then vocabulary was made within the framework of the media to communicate frequently with a variety of levels.

On the other hand, Pimsleur explains mistakes in learning a foreign language. That is, when entering and memorize the words quickly and much too early in the learning simultaneously. According to him, this can really slow down the process of language retention.

Pimsleur approach teaches a method of learning the language by using a core vocabulary. Thus, one immediately spoke a lot in quick time. Mastery of the language not only on how many words are unknown, but also words that can be used.

Pimsleur language learning approach has been tried and tested around the world. Method can make the language quickly master the material. The use of language is then stored in the memory of the brain after listening only once.

Pimsleur also emphasizes language learning should be fun and easy in a short time and intensity. That way, someone will easily absorb a new language with ease. He realized that children have a remarkable ability to learn new languages quickly.

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