Hairy T-Rex

Chinese paleontologists discovered the fossil species of feathered dinosaur fossils resemble a giant Tyrannosaurus rex indicated (Tyrex). During these ancient scientists knew only a few small dinosaurs did have feathers like a bird, but not on the size of the fossils.

In a report in Nature describes a new species of tyrannosaur fossils as high as 9 feet and weighs about 1.5 tons. This report provides direct evidence of the existence of a giant feathered dinosaurs.

Type of theropod, which is also the oldest type of Tyrannosaurus rex, is a 40 times greater than previously known feathered dinosaurs.

Tyrex feathered dinosaur is named Yutyrannus Huali. This name is a combination of Latin and Mandarin, which means’ Tyrannosaurus Hairy Beautiful “.

Professor Palaentolog, Xu Xing of the Institute of Vertebrate Paleontology and Palaeoanthropology Beijing said the new species is based on three specimens were successfully preserved.

“The hairs on the filament structure of the feather Yutyrannus is simple,” said Professor Xu reported Thursday (5/4). Feather types, obviously Xu, more like a chick feathers. But the structure of the hairs are only useful to keep warm and do not work for flying.

Yutyrannus fossils found in a mine in Liaoning Province, northeast China. The fossil was discovered in a state of almost complete structural arrangement of the bones. It is estimated this Yutyrannus hiduo Dinosaurs Cretaceous period between 130 to 125 million years ago.

Paleontologist Dr. Eric Roberts from James Cook University in Queensland, said the possibility of fur to maintain body temperature in cold regions. “This fossil is interesting because it includes a combination of fossil primitive compared with other tyrannosaurs,” Cook said.

This dinosaur fossils, explained Cook, has three fingers on each hand. And if there is a pattern seen in common with than Tyrex Allosaurus fossils.

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