Earth Day

Government, and all parties are oriented developmentalism, often called on us to reduce the negative impacts of development and maintain a balance with nature. But the thinking behind the invitation was not enough.

First, it reduces the negative impact it is too late. Therefore, it is clear the Earth has been severely damaged. The ability of this planet to support life has been significantly reduced over the last 250 years – even more so in the last 60 years (after World War II).

And this trend continues. So, in addition to reducing the negative impact on the earth, we also have a positive impact and can cause him, helped him recover.

Help the Earth recover often forgotten, simply because we feel as we are dependent on nature. When in fact also depends on human nature, the single most dominant species.

In addition there is the ideology of development is wrong. This ideology is often described the “three pillars” in the form of three circles overlap: environmental, economic, and social. Wrong? The last two were not possible outside the neighborhood, but in it. Everything going on inside, not the next neighborhood.

Development not be in harmony with the environment in the next, but must be within the limits, even rely and depend entirely on the environment. Sustainable development (sustainable development) is not a “harmonious” and “negative impact” minimal, but that help restore and conserve the limited natural resources.

Because it “reduce, reuse, recycle” (reduce, reuse, recycle) is not enough, if that is consumed is material and non-renewable enegrgi. All this just ketidaklestarian extend, postpone disaster, and did not lead to sustainability.

Sustainability is ideal when all we use is renewable, can get back to nature and completely absorbed into the natural metabolic process again.

Minerals, metals and are theoretically not be discharged, because no matter how we dig from the wild, he would get back to nature in one form or another, while not intentionally dumped into space. But their value will continue to decrease, as will be eroded by the process of changing its shape. That took a long time to find a way “recapture” of all waste minerals, metals completely without also use minerals, metals and fresh energy.

Roads that have appeared and continue to be developed is to do the substitution: replacing the consumption of materials, and inputs for production processes, with a renewable. For example, using banana leaves as a place mat.

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