Harbour Bridge

This bridge runs between Sydney’s central business district with the North Shore. The bridge, which opened in 1932 it became an icon of Australia’s largest city and is always crowded with tourists.

One of the best places to photograph this bridge is from the Sydney Opera House, which is also an important icon of this city.

This bridge is able to accommodate six lanes of motor vehicles and a walkway. The main street was named Bradfield Highway. With a distance of 2.4 kilometers, Bradfield Highway is one of the world’s shortest highway.

You can navigate through the path of this bridge in the east. When you come from the north side of the bridge (North Shore), will look up the ladder in Burton St. Milsons Point. Most tourists will come from the south side, which is close to the hotel, both the star and are cheap.

Of The Rocks area, many clues that indicate the direction of the pedestrians to the stairs. These stairs are located near Gloucester St. and Cumberland St. These stairs will take you to the southern end of the bridge.

In addition to access from The Rocks, another access path is a favorite of the tourists is the Cahill Walk. This trail can be reached from the east end of Circular Quay-dock which gives access to the Opera House. Cahill Walk is the end of the Sydney Botanic Gardens.

From this path incredible scenery. You can shoot Harbour Bridge or Opera House, and even both at once in one frame. Because of its location at the top, is often quite strong winds. Use clothing that can protect your body from the wind, especially when it comes at low temperatures.

Since 1998, visitors can climb the steel arc bridge to a height of 134 meters. The tour is conducted every day from morning till night, usually only canceled if there is an electrical storm or the wind is too strong.

Groups of climbers were given protective clothing appropriate to the weather at the time. They were also given orientation before starting to climb. Each person is protected by the safety rope. The climb begins from the east side of the bridge up to the peak. At the top they will turn over the west side. Long climb is about 3.5 hours. So make sure your state of health is in good condition.

Price of the tour to climb the Harbor Bridge is in the range between 200 to 300 Australian dollars for each adult. In addition to an unforgettable adventure, tour participants will also get a certificate.

Many of you may not want to waste a lot of money to climb the bridge. Do not worry, this giant steel bridge can be enjoyed from a distance. Some good shooting point is the Opera House, Botanic Gardens, Circular Quay, Cahill Walk, and one point that is rarely visited by the Walsh Bay to the west and Kirribilli on the North Shore.




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