Tips To Not Easy Esophageal Colds

Erratic weather lately makes a lot of people easily attacked by the common cold cold alias. Diseases caused by this Rinovirus pretty much makes the activity of patients affected. Besides causing discomfort effects, colds are also easily transmitted from one patient to another patient.

The rainy season has arrived. Well, if you have this, we usually easily once exposed to diseases such as flu or colds. In order to avoid this disease, the most powerful way is to rest.

Doctors Anggitya Rullantika of Healthy Purwakarta Insan clinics suggest that the body rested a day or two. Rest is quite useful to strengthen the immune system so that the patient back to health. “So, actually the body’s immune system can fight this virus,” said Dr. Anggit told Reuters.

If it is not possible to take leave, with colds can rely on a mask during the activity outside the home. If required, the consumption of supplements to strengthen immune system. Symptomatic medications can also be taken to reduce the annoying symptoms of colds. Drugs of this type are useful for relieving symptoms of colds, but does not eliminate the main cause. For example, drug fever, painkiller, and cold medicines on the market.

Iron is one of the many minerals that can shorten the duration of colds. Increase consumption of foods containing these minerals during the rainy season. Intake of iron in the body can be reproduced by consuming nuts, wheat, fish, and vegetables. Limit alcohol and caffeine intake also can stimulate us to frequent urination that causes a lot of wasted iron.

However, if the body condition did not improve, doctors Anggit advised to immediately consult a doctor or take medicine. Dibutuhnya drug dependent patients with symptoms of colds menjangkitinya. If a cold accompanied by fever and headache, look for a fever-lowering drugs such as paracetamol contain.

Handling will be accompanied by another if the cold congestion. This can be by taking a medicine containing pseudoephedrine. However, if a cold with a cough, it first must be the type of cough, whether sputum or not. If the cough with phlegm, then look for drugs containing diluent sputum. Conversely, if the cold with a dry cough, look for medicines that contain cough suppressants.

“You should see a doctor if the above symptoms are not improving within two weeks. Especially when it’s accompanied by shortness of breath or high fever,” said the doctor Anggit.

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