Cold hands

Figurative “cold hands, warm heart” is very sweet, but not suitable when you want to know what a cold hand to our health.

As colder temperatures, it is only natural when our hands go cold. Therefore, reducing blood circulation to the extreme is the way the body to maintain warmth. When the fine weather to keep your hands cool, that means your circulatory system is working to set up the warmth of the body as a whole.

However, some symptoms to watch out because it could indicate a serious health problem. They include the hands and feet are constantly cold, skin discoloration, numbness, itching, pain or blisters, and thickened skin.

Diseases that may be associated with a cold hand
According to the Mayo Clinic, the most common diseases that can be associated with a cold hand is anemia, Bierger disease, diabetes, peripheral vascular disease (PVD), Raynaud’s disease, and scleroderma. To find out the exact problem, you should ask your doctor.

The book “Body Signs” by Joan Liebmann-Smith and Jacqueline Nardi Egan shows, hands and feet continually cold can also mean a reaction to some medicines. Try to consult a physician.

Cold hands can also be caused by frostbite. When the body deal with temperatures below zero degrees Celsius for a long time, the skin can freeze. Symptoms usually appear in the legs, hands, nose, and ears. You may experience numbness or itch, and your skin will appear pale and white and difficult to handle.

In some cases, the skin may be blistered and blackened by the dead cells. If you have frostbite, go to the doctor or emergency room immediately.

Keep your hands warm
The best way to keep your hands to keep warm outdoors is to use waterproof gloves. If you must use regular gloves, use two coats, but make sure to use a little loose so as not to impede circulation. Indoor fingerless gloves you can use to work and keeps your hands warm.

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