Ancient Civilizations 9000 Years Ago

Recent archaeological discoveries in Dubai likely will change history. Arab Archaeologists say they have found a new site where there is no indication of domestication of animals about 9,000 years ago.

Site called Al Maqar that, if proven to have the data of nine millennium horse domestication of animals that will change world history. Because the previously oldest known domesticated hewat exist in Turkey or Central Asia, 5,500 years ago.

“These findings will challenge the findings of previous oldest site,” said Ali Al Ghabban, vice president of Museum and Antiquities of the Commission of Tourism and Antiquities of Saudi Arabia.

He continued, “This discovery will change human knowledge about the relationship with animals. Because this site has proven to humans in the Neolithic age to maintain a young animal,” he said during a press conference.

He stressed, in addition to horses, humans found also order that has been termumifikasi, arrowheads, flakes, alu, sewing equipment and so forth. “It shows people 9,000 years ago have been adept at making handicrafts,” he said.

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