Ten Island with the Best Beaches in Asia


It takes patience to get to Bai Sao, or commonly known as Star Beach. But the trouble you will be paid. This beach is located in southeastern Phu Quoc, Vietnam’s largest island. About 50 miles from the main island, at the Cape of Thailand, Bai Sao, soft sands will protrudes into the shallow waters and green-blue and warm throughout the year.

Places to stay Apart from a few beach huts, Bai Sao undeveloped. Even so there are some comfortable accommodation nearby. On the west coast of Phu Quoc, Duong Dong namely, there is La Veranda. The distance of this place is only four kilometers from Bai Sao, so easily reached by bicycle or taxi. In the rooms there are private balconies, fans, and floor tiles decorated. In the main wing of the resort there is a breezy restaurant with views to the sea.

What can be done grilled seafood feast at a small restaurant along the Bai Sao after swimming in warm sea water. For something more active, rent a bike and go to the village of Ham Ninh, shopping pearls and fish sauce that made ​​this village famous. Diving among coral reefs are shallow here do not need air tanks, but there are several places to hire clothes diving on the island. Bamboo sharks are also frequently seen on the beach.

When to go Monsoons are therefore come to the island between June and November. Avoid the rainy season and came during the dry season, when temperatures hover between 30 ° C.


Godellawela beach that looked perfect, visible from the resort Amanwella. Photo: Amanwella. Located on the southern coast of Sri Lanka, by local people, called the Beach Dreams Beach Godellawela. On this beach, there are white sand stretching, low waves, and water sejenih crystals along the eye could see. On the beach, there are palm trees and rocky cliffs, making this region one of the most closed bay of the island.

Places to stay beautiful scenery available through one of the 30 rooms at Amanwella . Stay in bed in a private terrace before the entrance to the suite – imagine a typical elegance Safe complete with large windows from floor to roof and coconut-wood furniture and ceiling fan. This resort restaurant offers fresh fish daily catch them on a pond along the 47 meters.

What can be done such as Time meant nothing in Amanwella, bed and swing bed looks a lot along the way to the beach. But the scene on the beach no less beautiful, there are turtles that hatch their eggs here each spring. Furthermore, there are elephants, exotic birds and tigers that roam freely in the Uda Walawe National Park.

When to go The sun shone most brightly Sri Lanka from November to April.

BEACH Kenting

This beach is located at the southern tip of Taiwan and is surrounded by sugar cane plantations, banana and coconut trees, and rain forests. Kenting beach is a popular holiday location. But if you come at the right time, this beach can be yours alone.

Places to stay Kenting Chateau Beach Resort has three wings with their respective themes; rooms in Marbella Hall and Hall-style Positano Italy has views to the sea and private balcony. Seafood is a major star in four restaurants in the resort, while Barbados Beach Bar just a few meters from the beach and the perfect place to watch the sunset.

What can be done from bird watching to banana boat rides, beach time in Kenting will be fully charged. The bird enthusiasts will enjoy the Kenting National Park at the edge of Lake Lungruan. Throughout October, thousands of face-gray hawk and kestrel China through this region. If you’re itching fun activity, try paragliding, mountain bike or diving.

When to go The surfer would not want to miss the wave that occurs between November and March. With the passage of the monsoon, the months are suitable for diving and snorkeling. The water was crystal clear and the crowd of tourists has been reduced. Avoid the summer, when air temperature rises and the beach is too crowded with people on vacation from Taipei and Kaohsiung.

BAA Atoll, Maldives

In the Maldives, the Four Seasons resort overlooking a private beach, Landaa Giraavaru. Photos of Four Seasons.

Azur ocean color that mengelililingi island covering 18 hectares in the Baa Atoll is to be colorful because the clownfish and oriental Sweetlips. This place can be reached by small plane flight for 45 minutes from the international airport. From about 1190 coral islands of the Maldives, Landa Giraavaru is the most romantic because of the color of sand and shape changes from sunrise to sunset.

Places to stay Guests can stay at the Four Seasons Resort Maldives Landaa Giraavaru, this is the only accommodation on the island. Here, they could see the fish milling about behind the glass while a massage in the spa-spa located under the sea. Waves will break in villas Sri Lankan architect Ismail Murad, while in open-air restaurant Al Barakat, underground lights will entertain the guests who enjoyed the chicken and cinnamon couscous, chickpeas, and raisins and various Middle Eastern dishes (mezzes)

Following the tour can be done offshore with one of six biological living in the resort, they were tasked to observe the development of more than 200 projects that will expand the coral reef lagoon on the island. Those who like to snorkel in the Indian Ocean could see the butterfly fish and unicorn fish white tail, or wear air tanks and dive with mantas and sharks.

When to go The best time to see the underwater life is between December to April, when the most clear and calm sea. Mantas and whale sharks can be seen in the largest number from July to November.

BEACH Luhuitou
Hainan Island, CHINA

Hainan Island is located in the southernmost province of China, commonly known as Yalong beach resort. But nearby there Luhuitou Coast won our hearts because of its white sand that is not visited by people. The beach at the foot of this hill offers a calm and clear waters, as well as some of the best dive locations on the island.

Places to stay open in 2008, Banyan Tree Sanya Resort & Spa offers 49 villas, each with private pool, garden landscaping, and outdoor bathtub. The decor was minimal and sophisticated with a neutral color palette suitable for tropical regions around it. Four restaurants and bars open facing directly into the South China Sea, where fishing boats roam to look for your next meal.

What can be done This place does not have its own penyelamannya center, but Banyan Tree can arrange scuba expedition quickly. In addition, maximize resort tours to various villages, or playing golf in Sanya Luhuitou Golf Course nearby. Restore the body at the spa Banyan Tree’s spacious, traditional Chinese medicine is paired with the latest hydrothermal facilities.

When to go The rainy season is coming on the island between May and October and changed the sand so the mud. The best time to visit between November to March, when temperatures in the range of 20 degrees.

BEACH Nihiwatu

Coastal scenery and resortnya Nihiwatu in Sumba. Photos of Nihiwatu Resort. About 400 kilometers east of Bali, in the southwestern island of Sumba, quiet beach has become a popular destination of surfers who come here to ride the waves, known as God’s Left. But when they finished surfing in the afternoon, the beach along the 2.5 miles it will be yours.

Places to stay Resort Nihiwatu consists of villas overlooking the sea, as well as bungalows with three large bedrooms on the hill, complete with private pool overlooking the Indian Ocean. The rooms are equipped with a palm roof Sumba textiles and a variety of modern equipment.

What can be done to maintain the safety of the surfers, applicable safety policies that limit may only nine surfers in the sea. While waiting their turn, there are many things that can keep you entertained, such as the activity of fishing (fish are most abundant here is Spanish mackerel, Wahoo, and Trevally), snorkeling, scuba diving and boating tour of the bays Maloba Konda Beach, about an hour to the south. When the wave was receding, the resort staff will escort you to the villages around, so you can chat with the locals and buy beautiful souvenirs.

When to go The best time is during April to December, after which the monsoon blows. Resort Nihiwatu closed from January 10 until February 28.


One of the few tourist destinations in the Andaman Islands at the tip of India, Havelock offers white beaches are visited by dreams of 10 thousand tourists a year. The visitors will get a two-kilometer beach with no footprints along the west coast of Havelock. Radhanagar, unofficially known as the Beach No. 7, hidden behind the dense rain forests, palm trees emerging from the shadow of green leaves and crystal clear bays with sandy bottom.

Places to stay Places to stay best on the island, Barefoot at Havelock, is a traditional resort that minimizes the impact on the surrounding environment. There are 18 huts built from bamboo and coconut trees. Some are equipped with air conditioning, but the best way to cool the body is by taking Iyengar yoga classes in the water. Even the most seasoned travelers even willing to pay a sizable fee to be able to take pictures underwater with Rajan, elephant pet 58-year-old resort that uses the trunk as snorkelnya.

What can be done lepu and Napoleon fish are found in 15 out of Radhanagar point dive. The divers will be struck by the colors of the garden of coral reefs in the lagoon, only a few meters from the beach. Visitors also can ride my kayak through the mangroves to look for lizards and crocodiles, trekking into the forest canopy (habitat for 150 animal and plant species that exist only on this island), or go see the deer in speanjang beach at sunrise.

When to go During the monsoon comes, between May and October, Rajan will not dive. To avoid the rain and see the turtles hatch, come between December and March.

Siargao BEACH

Siargao Island, a small island about 800 miles southeast of Manila, is another regular destination of surfers. Waves on Cloud 9, a point that offers a ferocious waves offshore, is the best in the Philippines, and the white sand is very fine like powder.

Places to stay The Kalinaw Resort is the only luxury accommodations on the island. Kalinaw (which means ‘Peace’ in Visayan dialect) displays a series of huts that are designed with wood floors, complete with wi-fi access and views of the beach.

What can be done if you’re not busy playing with the waves of Cloud 9, go to the Cave Sohoton, on the beach bordered by wild forest and the caves there are half-submerged in water. In addition, ask the resort to pack a picnic meal and spend all day paddling among the coral-reef shallows.

When to go The best waves are between July and November, although in these months coincide with the monsoon season. To avoid the rain, came between November to May.

Koh Lipe, Thailand

Bed adjacent to the sand in Idyllic Concept Resort Koh Lipe. Photo of Idyllic Concept Resort.

Koh Lipe is one of 51 islands in the Tarutao National Marine Park in the Andaman Sea, off the southwest coast of Thailand. The island is famous for its sand and sea. One of the four main beaches on the island, Sunrise, got the beauty of the sunrise in the morning. Coconut tree silhouette was ghosting along the soft sand.

Places to stay One of the newest hotels on the island, Idyllic Concept Resort is located amid tropical gardens, consisting of bungalows overlooking Sunrise Beach. About 16 villas that are here have a minimal design, but have modern fittings such as flat-screen TVs and broadband internet access.

What can be done a tiny island is easily explored on foot, but can also organize tours Idyllic bicycles and motorcycles. The reefs here are full of marine life (the 2004 tsunami had no impact here), but the divers do not miss the opportunity to explore Tarutao, Thailand’s first marine park, with an area of 1490 square km. These waters are the habitat of dolphins, whales, and skeitar 25 percent of the world’s tropical fish species.

When to go The best time, and busiest, to visit Koh Lipe is in December when the temperature is relatively cool and rainy season has passed. Dives will be optimally carried out in March and April, when the water is calm and clear and the number of tourists has decreased. Each day provided a ferry that connects Koh Lipe with the surrounding islands from November to May, while in May and November ferries are available once a week.


Bathroom with a view to the Berjaya Redang Beach Resort in Malaysia. Photos of Berjaya Redang Resort. Soft sandy beach surrounded by tropical forest is located on the northern tip of Pulau Redang, Tanjung off the east coast of Malaya. Soak in water crystals in this protected lagoon or swim to Aziz’s Reef, about 100 yards offshore, and you can find a colorful underwater life.

The best places to stay lodging on the island is a new villas on the hill at the Berjaya Redang Beach Resort , complete with private patio and views of the lagoon is perfect.

What can be done is very difficult not to laze on the beach, then pull one of the easy chair, and take shelter under the wide umbrella. There is always a game of volleyball and Berjaya always able to help divers of various levels of experience with diving equipment. You can also walk into the rainforest in the Gulf Coast In the Big, equally beautiful and more often left behind.

When to go except between November and January, when the monsoon strikes, Redang is usually always of Blue Skies.

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