Storing Breast milk

1. Buy a new refrigerator?

How often refrigerator is opened, if the refrigerator is frequently opened during the day so they can make the temperature inside the refrigerator is too cold, may be considered to buy a special refrigerator for storing breast milk. However, if the refrigerator is opened infrequently and not many objects in it, then it could use the old refrigerator. Noteworthy is the cold temperature levels, the ideal is 0 ° – 4 ° Celsius for the outside of the freezer, and about -15 ° Celsius for the one-door refrigerator freezer

2. Freezer or refrigerator?

To consider is how long the storage needs of dairy milk. Part one door refrigerator freezer (temperature -15 ° Celsius) can hold menyimpah breast milk for two weeks. As for the two-door refrigerator, freezer section of his (the temperature of -18 ° Celsius) can store breast milk up to a period of three months. If you need a longer period of time again to store breast milk, then the use of a single freezer could be considered.

3. The minimum number of dairy milk supply.

Actually there is no minimum amount that must be achieved to prepare the mother for breast milk reserve. Suggested, mothers express and store stock as much as possible; if possible, this process began about a month before starting to work again. The goal for the mother getting accustomed to milking when they come to work later and to set aside an ASIP.

4. Breast milk containers.

For storage, use glass bottles, plastic bottles PP, or plastic for breast milk

5. Flushed directly into the bottle?

Recommended for container milk when milking is a wide-mouthed container (eg a small bowl), as if flushed by hand, and good memerahnya techniques, usually milk will memancur pouring out of the breast. So it is quite difficult if a direct fit with the bottle. Besides cleaning the containers with wide mouth will also be easier. So it’s best to shelter early milking results using a wide-mouthed container, and then transferred to the container to be used as a storage place of dairy milk in the refrigerator or freezer.

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