Krakatau eruption history

The launch day of the eruption of Mount Krakatau in the Sunda Strait, South Lampung regency, Lampung Province, on August 27, 1883 a package of foreign tourists. Each tourist will be charged Rp 100 million to enjoy an integrated package prepared by the district.

“We will launch every year on August 27 as a day of visits to Mount Krakatoa. We have prepared an integrated tourist package to foreign tourists at a cost of Rp 100 million per person,” said Secretary of South Lampung Regency, Sutono, in Kalianda, Friday (10 / 6) .
According to him, during these days the eruption of Mount Krakatoa never ogled as a moment to support tourism, especially South Lampung Lampung. “Regent welcomed this idea, so that every year there are special integrated tourist package in this historic district,” he explained.

About USD 100 million package tour, he expressed it, was reserved only for foreign tourists instead of Indonesia. In this package, in addition to set foot on Mount Anak Krakatau, the host will provide a package of other attractions in the district.
Package tours offered by the tread at the foot of Mount Anak Krakatau, Krakatau Night, Cultural Festival, visit culinary Wharf bombing, visiting farms and crafts, and the introduction of the potential of South Lampung district.

He hopes this year and next year can be launched into packets that travel overseas annually. He is optimistic the package visit to Mount Anak Krakatau will target 100 people tourists.

Mount Krakatau became known to foreign countries since erupted. According to the book 100 Natural Wonders of the World in 1995, Krakatoa erupted at 10 am with the strength of 1482 megatons, or 26 times more powerful than the largest hydrogen bomb.

The eruption threw rocks as far as 34 miles (55 km) into the air, killing 36,380 people. The eruption also produced a tidal wave 40-meter-high tsunami that devoured 295 villages.

The blast came to the continent of Africa, southern Austria, Ceylon, and the Philippines. The sky lit up red to be seen in Europe and North America. Vomited material reached 18 cubic km.

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