New Species of Dinosaur T-Rex in China

Chinese scientists revealed that they have discovered new species of giant dinosaur therapoda in the country’s southern province, Shandong. New species are described close relatives of Tyrannosaurus rex (T. rex) was named “Zhuchengtyrannus magnus”.

Experts peleontologi ensure that new species once found a unique upper jaw following the examination of the skull and jawbone were found in the city of Zhucheng. Ancient bones are estimated to dwell 11 meters and 4 meters tall, weighs nearly 7 tons.

“We found two kinds of tyrannosaur fossils here and the identity of one of them is still unclear,” said Xu Xing, a researcher at the Institute of Vertebrate Paleontology and Paleontropologi, Chinese Academy of Science.

“We named this new genus Zhuchengtyrannus magnus, which means’ giant of Zhucheng` because of the bones found in Zhucheng, “Xu said.

Ancient bones was a few inches shorter than the similar bones in the species T. Rex. Thus, there is no doubt that Zhuchengtyrannus is large tyrannosaurs, said Xu was quoted as saying by Xinhua.

According to Xu, Zhuchengtyrannus magnus is a member of a special group called tyrannosaurines therapoda in North America and east Asia during the Late Cretaceous Period between the ages of 65 to 99 million years.

All tyrannosaurs are carnivores (meat eaters), with two legs which are also generally have small hands and a large skull. Among the tyrannosaur family, the tyrannosaurines is the largest and has a characteristic has only two fingers on each hand and powerful jaws that can tear a bite bone.

They are predators (predators), as well as scavengers. Excavation of fossils in Zhucheng contain one of the largest concentrations of dinosaur bones in the world. At least 10 species of dinosaur found in three series of excavations since the 1960s, including the Tyrannosaurus and hadrosaurs.

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