Detection of Disease Through Nails

A study says the color of the nail can be akternatif to know what disease you are suffering before they decided to visit a doctor.

As quoted from Aolheath, everyone has different types of nails, from the texture, color up to strength. And every nail type has its own meaning, especially in relation to the type of disease.

Faad of the American Academy of Dermatology (AAD), Andrea Cambio, MD says, the nails are a window into a person’s body. Through the nail can be seen the possibility of any disease process that is in the body.

Well, peep health conditions through shape and color of your nails.

Yellow nail

One of the most common causes of yellow nail is a fungal infection. Worsening of the infection can make the nails do not grow healthy, thick, and brittle. Yellow nails also indicate more serious conditions such as severe thyroid disease, lung, diabetes, or psoriasis.

Swollen and bent nails

If the skin around the nail looks red and swollen, this is known as inflammation which showed the presence of lupus and connective tissue disorders.

Black line

Consult immediately if there are black lines on your nails. This is related symptoms or known melanoma skin cancer from the most dangerous kind.

Biting nails

Nail biting may make you just a habit. Yet this is very likely indicate that excessive anxiety and need of treatment for obsessive-compulsive disorder. So, if you can not stop, it is worth discussing with your doctor.

Bluish Nails

Bluish colored nails signify the body does not get enough oxygen. This indicates an infection in the lungs like pneumonia. If only slightly bluish at the lower end of the nail may also indicate diabetes.

Pale nails

Nails tend to be pale or white in color sometimes associated aging. Tetatpi there are four serious diseases which may be marked with this pale nails, for example, anemia, heart failure, people with liver disease or poor nutrition as well.

White nails

If the nail is white with a dark tip on indicates a problem in the liver such as hepatitis.

Nails rough

If the nail surface wrinkled and beep when it was pitted against an early sign of psoriasis or inflammatory arthritis. Nail discoloration may appear red-brown.

Cracked nails

Nails look dry, brittle and often cracks has long been associated with thyroid disease. If there is splitting and yellow this possibility because of fungal infection.

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