The honeymoon is a very exciting moment for many couples. But, be careful if you do not want to jump weight

This was revealed by a study in New York who told me to start life together with your boyfriend and start with a honeymoon to make someone lose control of his diet.

Researchers from Newcastle University Nutrition Research Center looked through a number of studies of the movement of waist size to a larger number of couples just after the end of its bachelor.

Lead researcher Amelia Lake assume that during the period of honeymoon couples tend to try to please and impress one another. And unfortunately, they do it through food.

In addition, the habit of traveling to places for honeymoon pair avidly consume foods that they rarely met, so be sure your diet is set.

“The couple had a honeymoon period to seize the opportunity to make positive changes to diet and healthy lifestyle by working together and supporting each other,” he said.

This demonstrates the need for each partner to make a commitment at the beginning of the relationship of diet and healthy lifestyle

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