Best Climbing Line in Asia

As a mixture of large and expansive continent with the island countries, Asia is a dynamic geological landscape.

Plus the volcanic activity in the Pacific Islands. The result is a fantastic place for walkers and climbers.

The area has many beautiful landscapes, from the warm beaches, tropical forests, to the snowy mountains. This time, we highlight the route that you gAbel Tasman Coast Track, New Zealand

New Zealand is probably one of the best country in the world to climb, so it will be a big mistake if I did not put it into this list. Although this is a difficult choice and everyone has a personal opinion, I am still on my favorite choice in Abel Tasman.

Spin along the northwest coast of the island of Tasmania, you’ll get a pretty flat route and keep giving you views of the sea. However, you can still explore the flora and fauna in the vicinity. Crossing the sea and river water flow will make the journey more exciting, but sisakanlah time to sit down relax on some beaches are almost empty and clean along the road. et closer to nature. And here is a list of six best route in Asia.

Wilson Trail, Hong Kong

Not far from a collection of neon lights and smoke pollution in Hong Kong, there is an interesting route. (Prepare only a face mask if you are sensitive to pollution). You can walk into the New Territories for a long pedestrian paths and scenic, but you also can find a climbing lane on the island of Hong Kong.

Popular choice is the Wilson Trail, along the 87 km route from Stanley Island to Nam Chung in Kowloon Peninsula. This path will be tiring, but you will find views from the peaks along this route will be well worth your effort.

Cliff Jumping Tiger, China

If you want a wonderful Chinese adventure, then go to the Cliff Jumping Tiger. There, you can climb, looking attractive landscape in one of the deepest river in the world. With a length of 15 km, the cliff is named “Tiger Leap” as a legendary tiger once leapt from the edge of the cliff to escape from a hunter. Still, this is not an easy leap, because the closest distance, antartebing is 25 meters wide.

Called the High Line Road is a bit cramped, but still awake and have some rest accommodation. You also can walk closer to the river so they can feel the depth of the valley of the cliff and saw the water, but sometimes these lines can be unstable and less secure. Cliff path is not safe to climb along the rain in the summer.

Overland Track, Australia

Located in the area along 65 km of Australia’s most beautiful, Overland Track in Tasmania is a place you must visit if you are in this island. From Cradle Mountain to Lake St Clair spread the wonders of nature, and along the road you can see some of the highest mountain in Tasmania and beautiful waterfalls. This path is also very suitable to see the unique ecosystem on the island. Quite challenging but worth it when compared to similar lines in this region. Make sure you ask for permission beforehand and keep cleaning.

Pamir Mountains, Tajikistan

Tajikistan seems to be a popular destination, but it is still difficult to achieve. Believe it or not, the Pamir Mountains are beautiful and still virgin offers hiking and walking paths suitable for all fitness levels. You need a permit (which is not expensive) to access these channels. Given the track quite remote, make sure you bring all necessary equipment and prepare themselves in ways of salvation in the mountains. Gharm Chasma and Julandee is a point-a great starting point for exploring this area. Do not forget to bring a camera!

Mount Fuji, Japan

There are phrases like, “You are wise to climb Mount Fuji once, but twice a fool to climb it.”Located very close to Tokyo, Mount Fuji looks very big and difficult, but the climbers of all ages and experience levels have climbed without difficulty.The best time is July-August climbing, the weather is best and most snow had melted.

Even so, the route will still be quite muddy, so a good shoe should be prepared.Seeing the sunrise at the summit of Mount Fuji is a surreal experience, not much can be membandinginya.To do this, you should begin to climb since the afternoon, the day before.Then stay at the cabins are available along the road.This is a popular choice, there are many huts that you can inapi and the system is very supportive of tourists.Just remember, once you’ve finished, there are still a few hours before your transport back to accommodation (if staying in Tokyo).And that means a long journey.

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