MiG-29 fleet BotheredCorrosion

Russian Air Force fleet is now trying hard to restore the MiG-29 fighter aircraft to full operational status. Fleet was banned from flying after a MiG-29 fell after takeoff in Domna Base, South Siberia, December 2008. Two months earlier at the same time a MiG-29 are also falling. From the investigations conducted, the cause of the accident the two planes were due to rust on the vertical stabilizer. The investigation found that approximately 70% of the fleet of MiG-29 turned out to have rust in that place. The two planes that fell long been known to be placed at the base near the Black Sea, so prone to rust. The number of aircraft affected by rust allegedly as a result rarely flown, especially the Russians had experienced during the fuel crisis. The aircraft is very limited flying then only placed in the open field, so it is always crushed by snow, rain and scorching sun. Russian Air Force currently operates 291 MiG-29, which extended through the remaining life modernization program. From originally designed for 20 years with 2,500 hours of flight to 40 years or 4000 hours of flying. Although the rust problem affecting many Russian Air Force MiG-29, but from other similar planes users no complaints, such as Poland, Slovakia, Bulgaria, Malaysia, and India.

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