Canadian Chinook in Afghanistan

Six CH-47D Chinook helicopter former U.S. Army since the beginning of this year the Canadian military operation in support of ISAF operations (International Security Assistance Force) in South Afghanistan. The six heavy transport helicopter that has also previously operated S troops in Afghanistan, but later sold to Canada who are in need of these helicopters. Previously, Canada had sold nine Chinook, but the two had an accident. Seven remaining at the end of 1991 was sold to the Dutch, who then operate some of them in Afghanistan. Ironically, this Dutch helicopter often used to help transport Canadian troops who do not have a helicopter transport. By operating six Chinook, Canada add to its strength in Afghanistan with eight CH-146 helicopter armed griffon, both Chinook flight to escort convoys and protect land. Heli was added steel plates and heavy machine guns Gatling to enhance firepower. Griffon armament was only a machine gun mounted on the door of the plane.

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