Five Goods Health

Dangers that threaten the health of turns is in your own home. Anything?

Who would have guessed, the goods in our homes can be a source of diseases that are harmful to health. Here’s a list of these items, as quoted in Genius Beauty.

1. Wooden cutting board. Until now, this thing is still the stuff that is always there in the kitchen. Function as a placemat when cutting raw materials for cooking. According to John Oxford, a researcher from the University of London, a wooden cutting board can save thousands of bacteria that cause disease. Time pieces of food that settles to create new colonies and settle in the timber. The bacteria will stick in every food that we cut.

2. Plastic cutting board. Often used to replace the more traditional wooden cutting board. Not all boards are made from safe plastic.Plastic materials can be harmful if accidentally consumed. Choose products that ensure the safety of plastic cutting board plastic.If you are not sure, when cutting board is etched, preferably replace with new.

3. Brush teeth. Researchers from the University of Manchester revealed that as many as 10 million bacteria on a toothbrush can gather. Not only that, viral and fungal diseases can breed there. The researchers suggest you to change the toothbrush once 2-3 months.

4. 4. Handuk. Towels. Kondisinya kurang lebih sama dengan sikat gigi. Conditions are pretty much the same with a toothbrush. Dan untuk menghilangkan bakteri yang berkumpul di dalamnya, perlu pemanasan hingga 90 derajat celcius. And to eliminate the bacteria that gather in it, need heating to 90 degrees Celsius.

5. Pillows. Bacteria that gather on the pillow can cause respiratory problems, rashes and fever.Professor Jean Amberline, of the British Society for Allergy suggested to replace pillowcase regularly, and replace pillows every 2 years.

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