Switch the phone on the Prohibition Reason In Aircraft

What’s wrong with using a mobile phone or other device on the plane is forbidden? Let’s look at why! Mobile is active in aircraft may interfere with the control / navigation plane, consequently the aircraft and all passengers and crew threatened his safety.

    At the present time, get on a plane does not belong to the deep pockets because of relatively low tariffs and as advances in technology, people can communicate easily, quickly, anytime, anywhere, including in aircraft.
    What mobile phone connection with peswat fly?
    Both are tools and high-tech machines and they also had a controversial relationship. Full / navigation plane using a series of digital electronic devices are very sensitive to frequency radio waves, while the cell phone issue / receive radio waves are very strong.
    A mobile phone that is active and transmits at a position flying at an altitude of 35,000 feet could penetrate a distance of 35 km radius below the plane.
    What law should charged for mobile phone users in the plane?
    1. Can endanger public safety and general comfort menggaunggu, (Basic Rule FAA (Federal Aviation Administration)), at a radius of 35 km there is  ± 600 BTS), it means that in addition to steering and navigation systems interfere with the aircraft, also interfere with base stations capable of reaching.
    2. Violate ethical use of mobile phones
    How do we deal with this:
    1. Make sure the phone is turned off when storing the luggage suitcase
    2. Turn off the phone when it will enter the space plane
    3. Be patient, that everyone knows we have mobile phones, we are important people and rushed to pick up the car
    4. Mobile activated while entering the terminal building.
    Here are examples of cases that have occurred due to interference Hanphone and other electronic devices on airplanes:
    1. The aircraft flight number LX498 CROSSAIR after takeoff from Zurich Airport, Switzerland suffered steering problems, dived and crashed killing 10 passengers.
    2. SLOVENIA AIR towards Sarajevo, emergency landing due to an active mobile phone in the trunk disrupt navigation (cockpit alarm)
    3. QANTAS 747 landing at will (Final Approach) at Heathrow Airport, London, suddenly tilted and climb as high as 700 feet for 2 CD player, electric games on the current position
    4. An Arab army rank of captain sentenced to flogging because it enabled mobile phone 70 times in the plane
    5. A British passenger sentenced to prison for refusing the request of British Airways flight attendant to turn off mobile phones
    Here’s mobile phone interference in other forms:
  • OR (Omnidirection VHF Receiver), does not sound
  • Directions flying off the mark
  • HIS Indicator (Horizontal Situational Indicator) interrupted
  • Impaired navigation system
  • Communication frequency interference
  • Disruption of fuel indicator
  • Automatic steering system disorders
  • Disturbance compass direction (because of computers, CDs, and electronic games)
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