Saving the State

Have you heard the story of the boy who for his courage to save his country? The name of the boy Peter, and he lived in a small kingdom called Holland.

    On a night peter saw the water seeping through a hole in the dike that holds water so as not to flood the land. Peter knows that a small leak can cause flooding in one night. So the inclusion of his arm into the hole to stop the water. The next day the city residents to find Peter and bring him home. They told their parents, “Thanks be to God for your son has saved our country and God has saved his life!”. In the western part of Holland seem much dike. Levees protecting the low lands which have been dried. At first people to build the dike on the water. Then they use wind turbines to know the machine to suck up water from the mainland. Land that has been dried can be used for planting tulips or grass cattle food. Thus you can see just how important courage Peter.

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