Giants Grave mound

A tomb in the city of Sakai, Japan, so long and so high that resemble a giant grave. Length is five times the length of a football field and the height equal to ten flours building. However, this tomb is not a giant cemetery, but a final resting place of Emperor Nintoku who ruled Japan for more than a thousand years ago.

    It is said that on one occasion, during his reign, Emperor Nintoku not see smoke from the furnace people. So he does not collect taxes for three years. He also ordered that the dike built to protect farmland from flooding. After that created the canals, and commerce was done.
    Nintoku live to old age. When he died was buried in the tomb of the giant. Top of bell-shaped mound was covered with white stones. More than ten thousand clay sculpture-filled hollow ground mounted along the foot of the mound. The statue, called this haniwa tangible animals, people and all kinds of furniture.
    Three water-filled ditch that surrounds the giant mound earlier. That is the largest tomb in the Japanese emperor.

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