Air Pollution at Home

During this time you might consider the source of air pollution only exist outside the room, such as vehicle exhaust fumes or factories. In fact, the source of air pollution are more harmful to health it is in the residence.

Ted Myatt, ScD, environmental expert from Boston, United States, found four things that become a source of air pollution inside the home as a reference for improving air quality. Know the four sources of such pollution, as quoted from page Women’s Health.

1. Candle

Candles are able to create atmosphere of calm, cozy and romantic. But most are made of paraffin wax that is harmful to health, especially respiratory system. The team of researchers from South Carolina State University found that paraffin candles release chemicals associated with liver damage, neurological problems, and leukemia.

Black smoke candles can create disturbances in the lungs and heart tissue if inhaled excessively. It affirmed Jeffrey May, an indoor air quality expert and author of ‘My House Is Killing Me: The Home Guide for Families with allergies and Asthma’.

2. Printer

Printer spending a lot of microparticles derived from ink and toner. These particles can cause lung disorders. An Australian study found, a number of printers in the category of high emitters, the level of pollution equivalent to smoke, vehicles on the road during severe freezes.

3. Dust

Dust is everywhere, like under the beds, floors, even a dresser. Dust collection consists of many impurities such as dead skin cells, ticks, and insects that have died. Dust is a breeding ground for insects. If inhaled, dust can trigger allergies and headaches, especially in women.

4. Furniture

Timber Press is often called fiber board made from sawdust held together with glue and resin. The price is much cheaper and often used as material bookshelves and desks. But, did you know that these materials can emit formaldehyde, which is a carcinogen: the trigger rashes, nausea,

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