Birth Control Pills

Many women consider using hormonal contraception, like birth control pills, quite inconvenient. In addition to regularly consume, there are side effects that can be generated from the use of birth control pills. In fact, there is a myth that states, since created 50 years ago, birth control pills can be caused acne, weight soared, to cancer. Really? Biran Affandi, SpOG (K), “You have to swallow the pill at the same time every day. The important thing to remember is regularity, because if not regularly, hormone balance will be disturbed,” he said when met at the news conference “World Contraception Day 2010 ‘ at City Walk, Jakarta. So as not to get caught myths, recognize the facts surrounding the birth control pill the following:

1. Myth: Birth control pills acne trigger Fact: With the development of the pharmaceutical world, birth control pills have now been updated. With additional content drospirenon in birth control pills can actually help overcome mild acne problems.

2. Myth: Birth control pills serve only as a contraceptive Fact: Other than as contraception, birth control pills are also helpful to reduce pain during menstrual cramping and other PMS symptoms, menstrual cycles become regular and reduced the risk animea when coming months.

3. Myth: Birth control pills caused cancer Fakta: Tidak benar. Fact: Not true. Birth control pills may protect against ovarian and cervical cancer

4. Myth: Birth control pills make the body fat Fact: The latest methods of birth control pills with the new progestins, such as drospirenon able to prevent the buildup of fluid (due to estrogen), so it does not make weight soared.

5. Myth: Birth control pills can be caused uterine dry Fact: There is no relationship using birth control pills with fertility or fertility. Precisely in young women, use of birth control pills can reduce the risk of primary infertility.

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