Prevent Cancer In Children

Cancer cell growth in a child’s body could actually be prevented in the womb. A recent medical report gives information about the causes of cancer, especially in children. Namely, with regard to risk and habits, both father and mother, even before conception. Genetic markers could increase the risk of cancer appears on the eggs and taken through the development of the fetus until birth. “The risk of someone having cancer can be prevented even before conception. These risk factors are present in mother’s egg cell, “said Professor Ricardo Uauy, health adviser to the UN and WHO, as quoted from The risk that there may actually be reduced if the prospective mother to apply with healthy living habits. To reduce the risk of cancer in infants or children, there are three steps that can be done by the prospective mother.

1. Cigarette smoke is one of many leading cause of cancer that is almost entirely under the control of either the mother or the father. Actually, if you want to have a healthy baby and pregnancy is not problematic, not only expectant mothers who have quit smoking but also the prospective father. Quite hard to do, especially if the prospective father of heavy smokers, but at least be undertaken.

2. Reduce consumption of canned food Cans contain bisphenol A and other chemicals that can be melted into the food. This could be a trigger cancer cell growth. There are also canned food that has not been too mature and contain fewer nutrients than fresh or frozen foods.

3. Fresh vegetables contain antioxidant compounds and other anti-cancer substances. Vegetables such as broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage, sprouts are considered cancer-fighting substances that are strong enough. Many vegetables have low levels of pesticides or no pesticides. Plants are exposed to pesticides are usually marked with many holes in the leaves because of plant-eating insects can live on leaves and stems. Therefore, Be smart in selecting fruit and vegetables.

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