High Heels

If you intend to lure men with high-heeled shoes may be in vain. A Northumbria University study revealed that men had no interest in trying to impress sexy women are created through a popular footwear called high heels.

As quoted from the page of the Telegraph, some scientists at the university was trying to examine the reaction of the majority of men as she watched the women walk with high heeled shoes. They then compared the reaction of the same man who witnessed a woman walk without high heels.

Evolutionary psychologist Dr Nick Neave, who led the study says, “Many women spend the money to buy high-heeled shoes, which could endanger themselves, perhaps to make themselves look good and add confidence.”

But studies show, the majority of men never even realize that the woman who was walking or dancing in front of him was wearing high heeled shoes.

This study signals sent notice women when wearing high-heeled shoes. Ranging from changes in posture when wearing the shoe, which created the illusion of sexy feet, until his ability rising buttocks. Apparently, they are wearing or not wearing shoes, high heels sends the same signal.

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