Facts Male Sexuality

Lots of information about male sexuality that develops in the community. The information was spread in a chain without clear origins, which in turn regarded as one justification.

It is better you know the facts about male sexuality, which you may not know about. Here are eight facts in the male sex, as quoted from Fox News.

1. Sperm trapped

Not all direct sperm reaches the egg at once. There is sperm stored in the vaginal canal. Some sperm are trapped usually thickened or lumpy. However, the enzyme can be melting clots that sperm could make them free to swim toward the female reproductive system.

2. Oxytocin in the male

Levels of the hormone oxytocin is known affects women during lovemaking and breastfeeding. The hormone that makes women like making out and causing a sense of affection. But this hormone also affects men. Swiss researchers found oxytocin associated with an increased sense of confidence in men.

3. High testosterone levels can have a negative impact

During this high testosterone levels is considered positive because it increases men’s sexual desire. From the results of advanced research, high levels of testosterone that makes men tend to be rough and trigger divorce.

4. Died during sex

There is a unique pattern that is found in the study year 1975, about the death while having sex. The man who died during sexual intercourse tends to was having an affair and were married. Death also occurs usually after consuming alcohol.

5. Orgasm preventing male breast cancer

Research conducted in Greece showed the frequency of orgasm in men adult influence on male breast cancer risk. Men who suffer from breast cancer tend to rarely have an orgasm.

6. Male penis size can be seen from the finger

The research team from the University of Liverpool, England, showed that if the man her ring finger longer than index finger, has a healthy testosterone levels. However, if the ring finger the same size or smaller than the index finger, low testosterone levels and can be estimated length of any vital organ about the size of his ring finger.

7. Men fall in love faster

Men are more difficult to control when she saw an attractive woman. Men could have just caught a glimpse of a woman’s face and immediately fell in love, says one researcher, Dr. Helen Fisher.

8. Family affects testosterone

According to the research team from the Mayo Clinic in 2001, when he is very familiar with the family, testosterone levels will decline. Experience as a father would make men testosterone levels decline, especially when he was holding a baby.

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