Chop the wind that the Red Sea

Easterly wind that blows loudly reportedly helped parting of the Red Sea by Moses as recorded in scripture religion Samawi, the scientists said the United States on Tuesday.

Computer simulations show how the wind can throw sea water to reach the ocean floor and form a lagoon, the group said researchers at the National Agency for Atmospheric Research and the University of Colorado at Boulder.

“Simulations are nearly matching the evidence on the delegation of Moses,” said research leader, Carl Drews of NCAR.

According to Carl, based on physics, the wind can throw water into a safe path to traverse because of its flexible, then returned to normal flow.

According to the writings of Islamic and Christian holy book, the Prophet Moses. led the Jews out of Egypt for Pharaoh’s pursuit at 3000 years ago. The Red Sea was split temporarily to help a group of Moses crossing and immediately closed again, drowning Pharaoh’s soldiers.

Drews and his group examined about hurricanes originating from the Pacific Ocean create large storms that can throw the deep sea water.

His group showed that the Mediterranean Sea south of the ferry was supposed to be, and describe different forms of land due later formed the oceans and triggers the issue regarding the split.

Exposure requires a horseshoe shape of the Nile and shallow lagoons along the coastline. This shows the wind speed of about 101 kilometers per hour that blow during the 12 hours, can throw water at a depth of about two meters.

“Laguna has as far as 3-4 miles long and five kilometers wide which split during the four hours,” they said in the journal Public Library of Science, PLoS ONE.

“Society has created division in awe of the sea story, imagine that it actually happened,” Drew said, adding that this study describes the marine division under the laws of physics.

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