We Will Die

Approximately 50,000 people cheered as the gladiators, who pitted or fight, entered the vast arena. “Sincerely we are going to die!” So they shouted to the conductor of the show.

    Gladiators were pitted against each other. They know that they must fight to the death. But if the defeated gladiator was really fighting, the audience will swing waved her handkerchief. That means they want to keep alive the gladiators.
    The Romans liked to see this fight. In Rome this kind of games held at the Colosseum. This building is about the size of a football stadium now. In once time the arena is filled with water to demonstrate the boat contest. It was later made to the cage and burrow beneath the arena of wild beasts. The Romans loved animals and fight fights between animals against humans. But the most popular is the battle of Gladiators.
    Colosseum now it has been destroyed and lives ruined. gladiators and animals was gone. There is only the guide and cats only.

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