Diamonds Are Benefits

If you find a gray stone, the stone was probably just a pebble, but may also be a diamond.

    However probably find diamonds in Africa is much greater because of the home is where most of the diamond. Rock miners digging in soil blue stone to find diamonds. They found the stone in the ground or in the Rock near the old volcano. Sometimes they had to dig four trucks ground to find a diamond. Diamond difficult to obtain. This is why diamond is so precious.
    In the diamond in your mind could you imagine it as a mother’s ring. But there are some machines and tooling that uses a diamond. Diamonds can be used for cutting, grinding and member hole through metal and Rock because it is the hardest substance ever discovered in nature. Labour steel, miners and even dentists who wore a diamond tool is used. You also use the needle to rotate black disc diamonds.
    Some of the world’s diamonds came from India and South America, but diamonds do you see or do you wear that comes from African mines.

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