Remove the Air On the ridge eaves

Is that horrible from the top of the church? Horrible creature, a lion or a giant bird?

    That hideous creature, half man and half beast, but only a figment of the imagination. This hideous creature made of stone and named the bulge off the water, one of the strange statues decorating the eaves of Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris, France. Bulge of water is off the esophagus or sewer water. So, the point is that as water pipelines. Inside there are holes to transport rainwater from the roof and out through the mouth of the channel.
    Notre Dame is the oldest cathedral built on an island in the River Seine in central Paris. In French, Notre Dame means “Our Lady”.
    All French kings and queens are crowned in the cathedral, as well as Emperor Napoleon and Empress Josephine.
    The bumps off the water that looks awful channel rainwater from the roof of the Cathedral of Notre Dame for six hundred years.

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