Ghost Town

“Gold!” More than a hundred years ago the cry caused thousands now flock to go to California. Wild gold mining town and bustle of popping like mushrooms. One of the city is Bodie. City was located in a valley hidden high above the mountain in eastern California. A wanderer in search of gold discovered gold there in 1859.

    Soon after the discovery of gold, he was dead stiff in a raging storm. But the gold mining news soon spread and people flooded into this hidden valley. The city that emerged was named the gold seekers. Body surname. But the spelling changed. Some say that the board maker to make a name last name wrong. There is admitted that deliberately changing the spelling of the city residents. Apparently they want this town called Bodie, instead of Body.
    In the years that miners dig for gold that is worth millions of dollars. At the same time criminals rob and kill to get the loot rations. Bodie became famous as the city of evil. Almost everyday violence always happens. Bank and robbed trains horses. Fights bleeding occurred at a teahouse. The streets filled with gunfire and a lot of people were killed.
    However, when gold runs out, residents packed Town Bodie and go. Houses, barns, shops and drinking houses abandoned. Hotels, lodging houses and church empty. Schools, prisons, fire houses, post offices and homes left abandoned corpses. And Bodie turned into a ghost town.
    Towns scattered throughout the uninhabited western United States. But Bodie is one of the famous city. The city is so famous so that made the park history. If you visit Bodie, you can see traces of a city that was inhabited over ten thousand people. When you take a walk on a wobbly wooden sidewalk stop home corpses. In it you can see a long wooden box. this box is an unusual coffin is used to bury the corpse in the cemetery nearby.

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