The place is this? The ground shaking if you pass, the river surrounding the island to squirm, tree roots out of the water is like sticking your knees bent, lumutnya bagaikanrambut tangled in branches hanging tree branches, crocodile bellowing, slithering snakes, birds, squealing, growling bears, and by irate-berangnya you may be watered?

    This is the Okefenokee Swamp in Georgia and Florida. Okefenokee word comes from an Indian word meaning “earth shaking”.
    At one time the tribe of Seminole Indians camped in the Okefenokee. Hunter and trapper to catch the animal and skinned the animals here. People are avoiding the law hiding in a swamp.
    Now the Okefenokee is a state nature reserve. You may not hunt or capture animals there again. And you may not use it as a hideout. But the tour guide can take you into the Okefenokee with boats based on the average and you can see, hear and feel the mysteries of this sinister world.

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