Caves For Dead

Yore people live around the Mediterranean to bury the bodies of the dead at a place called catacombs. The most famous catacombs catacombs which was excavated in the area of early Christians edge Rome, Italy.

    Catacombs consist of hall and rooms are dug deep into the soil. The person who has died be placed in a hole in the wall. The tomb is then covered with brick or marble slabs. Paintings adorn the walls. In the catacombs Christians seen painting an olive branch, dove, fish and other Christian symbols. In the catacombs of the Jews also seen an olive branch and dove paintings and seven branched candle containers, Menorah, the symbol of Judaism.
    For whatever reason, these catacombs forgotten for nearly a thousand years, but was later found back about four hundred years ago. Now you can enter some of the catacombs of the most famous in Europe.

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