Detection of Alien Life

Saturn has long satellite, Titan and Mars primarily be focused search for life outside Earth.

However, if there is life on Mars, we might be able to kiss him first before we see its existence.

Believe it or not, the chemical substance in the breath and the odor of human flatus can be a medium to unite us with alien microbes on the Red Planet.

Mean? The key was in the sulfur-containing substance methyl molecule that is naturally produced in large quantities by microbes on Earth – including some that cause odor found in the human body.

Not impossible, the same microbes on Mars. This is what will be a prey object search for life on Mars missions.

“Vehicle rover NASA’s next Mars explorers will be equipped with high sensitivity to smell the chemical, which can be a sign of presence of microbes on Mars,” said Steven Vance from the NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena, Calif., as a scientific site loaded, New Scientist, 16 September 2010 .

The chemical instrument called olfactory Tunable Laser Spectrometer (TLS) to be in pairs in the rover ‘Curiosity’. Rover is expected to glide to Mars in 2012.

TLS is designed to analyze the carbon isotopes of methane on Mars – to track whether the gas has a biological origin.

Based on trial results, TLS is able to detect gases at concentrations below 100 parts per billion.

The experts plan to test the sensitivity of TLS to the other gases produced by microbes, such as Ethan.

“We’re demonstrating the ability to see signs of biological objects and hopefully this can help the search for life on Mars.” Vance said.

Meanwhile, Kenneth Nealson of the University of Southern California, Los Angeles, though not incorporated in the research, says the discovery of potential indicators in the same location will facilitate the next mission.

“You will ensure that the next mission will spend more time in one place,” says Nealson

Previously, as disclosed CSMonitor site (CSM), on Mars there are locations that are rich in minerals known as Nili Fossae.

This allegedly is the main location of the search traces of ancient life on Mars that may exist about four million billion years ago.

In his study, scientists using NASA satellite instruments, to study the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter clayey carbonate rocks in the Martian surface. Layer was allegedly an ancient Martian era relic that is also called Noachian Period.

The scientists did not conclude that the Nili Fossae is actual proof of the existence of living beings on Mars. Only becomes possible.

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