Sweet Mouth Breaking Bones

“Oh, sweet mouth break a bone!” Maybe someone once said so to you. And maybe he was right. But if you really want to break a bone smoothie, Once there you can go to a famous castle in Ireland and kissed the special stone called the Blarney Stone.

    Not as easy as it sounds!
    Arriving at the castle you have to ride this one tower. Then you have her back, leaning back in a hole high in the tower. You can only hold on to two iron rod while turning your head back and down so that they can kiss the Blarney Stone earlier.
    This is the Blarney Castle near Cork, Ireland. Perhaps, long ago the owner of the castle safe from his attackers because he used his promises and flattery. Folklore says that the stone had been having a kind of supernatural powers. If you kiss, you said will gain skills into fluent speakers. You will be good at flattering people and your words will be able to liberate yourself from hardship. If you often talk like this – if you’ve kissed the stone or not – is said to sweet-talk you will break a bone.

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