Death Star

I never was in a dark cave alone. Luckily I carry a flashlight.

    Look at the poles and giant rock towers that! Where does this road?
    Ouch! It ends in a hole in! I better get out again.
    I think I see a lot of lights on top. It seems like a star! How is this possible? The walls surrounding me! Where I am?
    What I think the stars on the ceiling of the cave is actually an insect called glow worms. Shimmering glow worms in the cavity under the ground in New Zealand’s Waitomo Caves. Rays odd glow worms attract other insects. Insects trapped in the silken thread woven this insect. Then pull the thread and glow worms prey on insects that are trapped. That is why glow worms called “death star”.
    Tour guides bring tourists walked into the Waitomo Caves. After reaching room glow worms, they go by boat. While the boat floated slowly through the cavity of the cave, the tourists can look up and looking at “death star” is. Boat drift out of the cave cavity. Maybe after a few moments before people realize that they already exist outside the cave looking at the stars in the sky, instead of in the cave looking at “death star”.

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