Treasure Horyu-Ji

Among the beautifully landscaped tusam tree in the courtyard, stood a group of the oldest wooden building in the world. Sun adds a touch of golden color in the gray roof tiles.

    At the peak of the five-story pagoda or tower have a shape that is decorated with nine small umbrella. Umbrella had been a symbol of Buddhism that became the name of one of the world’s major religions, namely Buddhism.
    Serene and peaceful place in Ikagura, Japanese, known as Horyu-ji, the main temple Buddhist sect or group. The group using the name of the prince who founded the monastery had been more than a thousand years ago. Both the name of the sect and the prince that is Shotoku.
    Japanese people really appreciate Hiryu-ji. Here are stored many treasures of the National. In Japan National treasures include building, painting, sculpture sculptures and other art objects. Then next is the oldest Buddhist temple in Japan, Horyu-ji also a kind of museum, which houses treasures to store goods of high value art.

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