Not Literally Name

Is the market called Pasar Senen just opened on Monday? Can you buy the grass on the market called the Grass Market? And can you buy a snake on Market Snakes?

    In the past there is a market in Indonesia has known people with the names of the day. At that time, if someone wants to buy the necessary goods or sell goods produced in the market, he just can do it on certain days only. For example, he must go to the village of shavings on Tuesday and into the Village Pisangan on Thursday. Therefore he must know when and where markets were held. If not, alone he comes and he will go home empty-handed.
    Now in Jakarta there is a market called Pasar Senen. Large and magnificent building in which the pictures shown below are those markets. You can have a wide range of goods at this market every Monday. But you also can go there on other days. The reason is due to Senen Market is open every day throughout the week from morning until night.
    In the past people only know the market that sells one or two types of traded goods only. This led to the emergence of a market, such as fish markets, market instrument Cow, Bird market instrument and others.
    In Jakarta there is also a market that is named Market and Market Grass Snake. But you can not buy weed or a snake in there. In the past you could buy grass for your horse in the Grass Market. But now these markets do not sell weed anymore, but a wide range of everyday consumer goods. Can you buy a snake on Market Snakes?No! Market Snakes get its name because in the past many snakes live around this area.
    Thus, already it is clear why the names on the market is not the literal name again.

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