Being a State prison

Indeed uniquely that originally inhabited Australia since the Revolutionary War in America. At a time when many states use as a prison colony. The British government shipped the inmates and other prisoners to the colonies in America. But after independence the American colonies, Britain had to find a new place.

    So nearly two hundred years ago a fleet of ships left England to Australia. The ship was carrying a man and a woman who was banished from his country. Some prisoners are criminals, but many of them were imprisoned because they do not have the money to pay debts. The first Australian people had settled in what is now the City of Sydney, Australia’s largest city. It was later sent to a prison inmate worst special-called “criminal settlements.” One of the main penal settlement of Port Arthur is located in Van Diemen Land. Island landless average sodium absorption ratio which is now known as Tasmania was located off the southeast coast of Australia.
    Port Arthur’s life is not as bad as you imagine and escape was nearly impossible. Guards in prison and kept guard dogs. Full of sharks and sea waves tossed in a steep reefs. Many prisoners tried to escape, but few succeed alone. For nearly fifty years Port Arthur more or less used as a prison for 30,000 people. But two years later the jail was abandoned. Most of the settlements were destroyed fire.
    Now many tourists visit Port Arthur. Among the ruins that had stood for about a hundred years in prison and saw the tower, houses, churches and hospitals, all built by the prisoners. These ruins are a reminder that Australia is a country that began as a prison.

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