Skip Between Two Asteroids orbit the Earth and Moon On September 8

Two asteroid passed within distance of the moon from Earth on Wednesday, but will not hit the Earth, said the National Aeronautics and Space United States (NASA) Tuesday.

Catalina Sky Survey is now located near Tucson, Arizona found a second object on the last Sunday.

Minor Planet Center in Cambridge, Massachusetts, to review their observations and decide early orbits.

Planet Center officials concluded that two objects will pass within the distance between the moon and the earth, about 240 000 miles.

Asteroids can be seen with moderate-sized amateur telescopes.

According to NASA, asteroid 2010 was estimated to RX30-sized 32 to 65 feet and will pass within the range of 154 000 miles from Earth at 5:51 am Washington time Wednesday.

The second object, 2010 RF12, estimated size of 20 to 46 feet and will pass within 49 000 miles range at 17:12 pm local time.

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