Night lamp

Rumble! Thunder meet tonight. Marine threw a vicious swing and ships that were sailing to Alexandria, a city in Egypt. But sailors do not worry. From a distance they can see a bright flame at the top of the lighthouse. Lamp that will guide his ship toward the island in the port city of Faros and soon they will reach their destination safely.

    Lighthouse who visits the sailors were known as the Faros of Alexandria. The lighthouse is one of the wonders of the ancient world. Height of 122 feet more. At the bottom there is the castle with 300 pieces of space where soldiers face an enemy who came to attack. At the height of the tower there is a fire that burns continuously.
    Faros of Alexandria which was built approximately 2300 years ago escort sailors toward safe place for a thousand years. But at a later date the building was partially destroyed because people want to find gold that was not there. Then the earthquake also destroyed. Finally, roughly 700 years ago menceburkannya earthquake into the sea. Maka lenyaplah Faros Agung dari Iskandariah tadi. So gone are the Great of Alexandria had Faros.

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