Blaring smoke

One of the most beautiful waterfalls in the world located in the Zambesi River in Africa. In the middle of this river, between Zambia and Zimbabwe, the water jumped down to the Victoria Falls. On the wide river waterfall is approximately 1.5 miles. At the highest point of water falling from a height of 108 meters and into a canyon cliff. The sound of the waterfall was like thunder and the clouds looked like a splash of water was thick white smoke.

    Locals call this waterfall “Musi-oa-tunya” which means “thundering smoke”. The name was used before the explorer David Livingstone saw this waterfall for the first time in over a hundred years ago. David Livingstone gave him the name of Victoria Falls in accordance with the name of Queen Victoria of Great Britain.
    In Zambia, near the waterfall, there are hotels that still use the name of the Musi-oa-Tunya. From the hotel you can walk down to the waterfall to enjoy the scenery and listening to the sound of “thundering smoke” that life will never forget you.

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  1. sinta & yunita berkata:

    wah aq ingin mempunyai keajaiban dunia ini

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