Church Museum

If you are a famous warrior, perhaps no city that will be given a name. This is a great warrior faced Constantine. When the first Roman emperor was crowned, he left Rome and build a new city called Constantinople. In this city he built a church named Hagi Sophia. It means “Holy Wisdom”. It was later an emperor to build another church that was given that name as well.

    Hagia Sophia is the Eastern Orthodox Church cathedral. Orthdoks word meaning “true doctrine”. This word comes from the Greek words orthos, meaning “true” and doxa, or “teaching.”
    Constantinople now called Istanbul and Hagia Sophia, who was once a cathedral and mosque now a museum that towering above the city. On one wall of the building was seen painting of Emperor Constantine the Great.
    Greek Orthodox Cathedral of Santa Sophia in Los Angeles, California, resembles an ancient Hagia Sophia in Istanbul.

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