Well, now you are in Haiti, an island in the Caribbean Sea. Slowly creeping dark and pounding drums. There came a strange echo song. Men and women jumping up and down, dancing to the rhythm of drums voodoo. Voodoo ceremony begins.

    Voodoo is the belief and practice as well as a certain magic. Those who believe in the spirit of the dead claimed to live in the midst of spirits. And this spirit will return to reward or punish the insane in the earth. During the ceremony to the spirit, people give offerings with song and dance. If the enemy will be subject of witchcraft, then the accident would pester them until voodoo lifted away. If the wax doll symbolizes this enemy, and a sharp needle inserted in the body, the opponent must have been injured.
    Voodoo originated from West Africa, when it bought slaves transported to the West Indies, and brought meeka voodoo. In Haiti people are still do it.

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