Various Treasure Museum

Bump – bump, bump – bump, bump – bump.

    Thus the sound of a giant heart rate while you are at the heart enter boaster. In it you can observe the workings of the main body, just like a human heart.
    At the Museum of Science and Industry in Chicago, the heart of this giant is just one property only, because there is still no Collen Moore’s Fairy Castle is full of tiny treasures from around the world. You can climb the cage into the coal mine exhibit. In the agricultural section can be observed menetasnya into chicken eggs. In the visible part of the railway transport, tick-ticking down the railroad tracks, an old steam locomotive and the collection of old cars. In another room you can walk into a submarine that immortalized. Over there you can also check the deck cannon replica weapon, in the U.S. Navy warship Constitution, better known as “The Old Iron ribs.”

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