Mystery of Stonehenge

Giant stones at piles of similar images under the feet of dinosaurs or giant stone block house. But who has ever heard that the dinosaurs or the giants living in the UK?

    For years people tried to solve the mystery of the rock group called Stonehenge was dull. Who is the builder? Where’s she from? And why are so situated?
    During those years, several heavy stones fell, but other parts of Stonehenge remain standing. People visit because Stonehenge is one of the relics of prehistoric human buildings that still stand today.
    Many scientists have studied Stonehenge. Some say that humans prasejarahlah builders. Stone was allegedly used as penangggalan and hours of thousands of years ago. According to scientists the rocks were arranged in such a way that pointed to the rising and sinking of the sun and moon. If this theory is correct, then proved that prehistoric humans is much more intelligent than people suspected.

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