How to Enjoy TV

There are still other ways to enjoy the TV series or movies on TV sets interspersed with little or no ads anymore

The most conventional way to enjoy TV and film entertainment, of course through the TV and cinema, DVD or through the media that stores the movie we wanted to watch. In Indonesia, there are 11 National TV and approximately 175 local TV, so the actual population of Indonesia no less entertainment, it’s just that its local content tends to be less educated (soap operas). National TV Networks greatest course TVRI, followed by new RCTI and TPI in the second position in the third position, while the distended position occupied by Global TV.

On broadcast TV, both nationally and locally, sometimes already scheduled films, whether it’s local film in domestic or foreign film. But of course the pleasure of watching movies for free on TV is compensated with the distraction of advertising, and in addition exposed to the sensor, TV stations are also often cut scenes to shorten the duration. I rarely watch TV stations broadcast the title credits in foreign production, but it is one of appreciation to the human form of TV and film workers.

There are still other ways to enjoy the TV series or movies on TV sets interspersed with little or no ads at all, that is by subscription TV. Currently there are nine subscription TV operations in Indonesia, which use the media cable, satellite, or DVB-T (Digital Video Broadcast for TV), namely Aora TV, First Media, IM2 PayTV, Indovision, M2V Mobile TV, OkeVision, TELKOMVision Top TV, and YesTV.

last alternative that I write here is to download a digital file of the TV series and Film

    Of course it is possible to use a satellite dish antenna for direct broadcast satellite TV to see impressions that can be captured in some of the regions in Indonesia, but is usually a free broadcast on most newscasts, while for entertainment such as TV series or movies, or sports broadcast, this broadcast usually randomized.

    For the countries that have well-established Internet infrastructure, for example in America, Japan or South Korea, entertainment, TV series or movie can be enjoyed through digital content. There is a character stream as practiced by some TV stations like the BBC, there is also sold as on Apple’s iTunes Store. In Indonesia, these facilities can only be enjoyed by a handful of internet users who have sufficient Internet bandwidth. But many Indonesian TV stations are already providing streaming facilities for some broadcasts, such as Metro TV and SCTV. Some local sites had already begun providing streaming facilities similar to Youtube, for example, is indowebster.

    Most countries in Asia are still severe in terms of piracy, and Indonesia is one country where piracy is still a lot of progress. Just visit the shopping center, there would be a location that sell pirated copies, whether it be movies, TV series, video or music. I first got this pirated DVD shopping often, but this was three years never buy again, more for buying a pirated DVD is like buying a cat in a sack, we never know how the quality of pirated recordings was when purchased. Indeed most of the shanties to provide TV to DVD jualannya try first, but with size 14 inch TV makes checking image quality is difficult, let alone a busy neighborhood shopping center to make the sound quality is also difficult to check.

    Many original DVDs are also sold in Indonesia, be it movies or TV series. I remember about the past three annual film and sold the original TV series are still mostly using VCD media, but is now more that use DVD media. I got astonished to see the DVD TV series Terminator: The Chronicles of Sarah Connor Season 2 DVD for sale complete box set of his at Scholastic, for this series including less popular in his native country alone.

    The last alternative way I write here is to download a digital file of the TV series or movie. Many internet underground group dedicated to recording digital TV broadcasts or transfer from bluray media, and meyimpannya in the form of digital files, and distributed either in the form of torrent files and placed in a file hosting like rapidshare, hotfile, megaupload and others. Frankly this equates to piracy, but unlike with DVD piracy, this is more organized and neat, so that from the beginning of downloads already know the quality of this digital file. It’s just because of the high quality, file sizes are not too small, so only users with sufficient bandwidth capacity that can be enjoyed.

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